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Essen Light Festival


Remondis Light Award

This year, the "Remondis Light Award" was awarded for the first time. The Essen Light Festival of EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH, supported by Lumen in Art B.V., called up light artists across national borders to submit light art that deals with circular economy, environment and sustainability.

And here are the five winners.

They will not only receive the "Remondis Light Award", but will also be exhibited and advertised internationally as part of the Essen Light Festival (25.10.-03.11.2019).

"Jellyworld" by Daniel Kurniczak

The atmospheric music and light installation consists of up to two meters long illuminated jellyfish, which were made of used plastic. With the use of this material, the Essen artist also wants to remind of the pollution of the seas by plastic. The music for the installation was composed by the artist himself.

"Algorythm Matrix of Possibilities for Post-Anthropocene Plasticiglomeratic Life" by Mark Swysen

The Belgian artist has designed an open, walkable matrix of aluminum and acrylic sheets. In the center hangs an oversized, jellyfish-like organism, consisting of a transparent dome, hanging on the empty PET bottles in a spiral. These are operated by a motor. A beamer projects genetic codes. In addition, sounds of the human heartbeat can be heard.

"Departure" by Klaus Geldmacher

During the installation of the object artist Klaus Geldmacher, transparent waste products in transparent suitcases are illuminated by LED tapes in various colors.

"Quantum Flower Ballet" by Francesco Mariotti

The Swiss lighting artist has created floating rafts on which colored PET bottles are fixed, which are illuminated from the inside with one LED lamp each. When all the PET bottles light up together, it creates the illusion of a group of colorful flowers brightening the night. The LED lamps are solar powered.

"Elantica" by the artist duo Tom & Lien Dekyvere

From old circuit boards and colored LEDs, the Belgian artist duo has created an installation reminiscent of an aerial photograph of a landscape, a robot or a sci-fi film scene. Digital sounds based on everyday sounds create an atmospheric soundscape. Music and light are solar powered.

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