NEON | © Ian Siepmann/EMG
NEON | © Ian Siepmann/EMG
Green Meeting

Sustainable event management in Essen

Green Meeting

Sustainable event management in Essen

Essen continues to pursue the goals and positive dynamics of the "European Green Capital - Essen 2017" and wants to further develop the topics of climate protection, environment and sustainable development together with the city society.

The sustainable event management is part of the Action Programme Climate Protection 2020, which was adopted in the meeting of the Essen City Council on 26.8.2020.

The proposed measures of the Climate Action Programme 2020 include:

Sustainable event management: events in Essen - including city festivals, sporting events and civic celebrations - are to be conducted in a climate-friendly manner. The guidelines are being developed by the "Sustainable Event Network" supervised by the Green Capital Agency and are to be applied as comprehensively as possible.

"Sustainable Events Network"
The "Sustainable Events Network" provides guidance for the planning and implementation of events with the jointly developed recommendations for action "Sustainable Event Management". The checklist derived from the recommendations for action helps to integrate sustainability aspects in all planning and implementation phases.

The recommendations for action and checklist are to be taken into account for all events in Essen in the future.

The Sustainable Events Network:

  • Congress Center Essen
  • Dehoga district group Essen
  • Entsorgungsbetriebe Essen GmbH
  • EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH
  • espo - Essen Sports Association
  • EWG - Essen Economic Development Corporation
  • EXILE e.V. - Cultural Coordination
  • Fair metropolis Ruhr e.V.
  • Grugapark Essen
  • GVE Property Management City of Essen GmbH
  • Theatre and Philharmonic Hall Essen GmbH
  • RGE Servicegesellschaft Essen mbH
  • Ruhrbahn GmbH Essen
  • City of Essen: Office for European Affairs, International Affairs and Sustainable Development, Office of the Lord Mayor, Office for Council Affairs and Representation, Green Capital Agency, Environmental Office, Weststadthallen, Cultural Office.
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