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Essen Light Festival 2022

30th September to 9th October 2022

Mark your calendars now for the period from 30th September to 9th October 2022. Preferably with glowing letters, because then the Essen Light Festival will take place again in the city of Essen. It will be glamorous, magical and wonderful. On the 30th of September, you can also look forward to late-night shopping until 10 p.m. in Essen's city centre.

In response to the energy crisis, we are saving 70 percent of the electricity used last year. This means that each visitor will consume about 7 watts of electricity per hour. This is equivalent to an energy-saving LED lamp that is switched on for one hour. In addition, we use - as we have since the first edition of the Essen Light Festival - exclusively energy from renewable sources.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Essen Light Festival 2022


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