Korteklippee | © Diana Blinkert/EMG
Korteklippee | © Diana Blinkert/EMG
Visit Essen

Experience Essen

Visit Essen

Experience Essen

Hardly any other German city has undergone such a development over the centuries as Essen: from a medieval settlement with a monastery for the ladies of the high nobility to one of the world's most important centres of the coal and steel industry to a modern metropolis in which globally active companies from the fields of administration, health, trade and services have found their home.

In Germany's third greenest city you will always experience exciting contrasts: recreational pleasure on hiking trails, the Ruhr and Lake Baldeney. High culture at the Museum Folkwang, the Philharmonie, Villa Hügel or the Aalto Theatre. Industrial culture at the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein. Shopping pleasure in the city centre or on the small streets in Essen's historic middle centres.

Experience your very own contrast programme in one of Germany's most exciting metropolises. Let yourself drift and discover the diverse possibilities. First here, digitally, then live. Essen is looking forward to your visit!

Visit Essen

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