Museum Folkwang | © K + S Studios
Museum Folkwang | © K + S Studios

Clash of Cultures

Day trip

Clash of Cultures

In the morning to van Gogh, at lunchtime to enjoy the best currywurst in town and in the evening to a spirits course – Essen got it all!

Essen is the city of contrasts, a melting pot of cultures. If you want to experience the perfect ‘Clash of Cultures’, this is the place to be. After breakfast, you're off to the Museum of the Year. With four works by van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or Cézanne, the Museum Folkwang has a top-class collection of international art - and best of all: admission to the permanent exhibition is free!

Just a few hundred metres away is the cultural antipole. Zum Xaver is one of the oldest snack bars in Germany. Since 1952, it has served some of the best chicken and curry sausages in the city. Berlin can still claim to have invented the currywurst... In the Ruhr area they know better. Currywurst, chips and a pilsner - that's the perfect lunch! Afterwards, let yourself drift along the nearby ‘Rü’, the Rüttenscheider Straße. Individual boutiques, shops and bars will quickly make you forget the time. But be careful: don't dream away your date at the School of Drinking ! Nowhere else can you experience upscale bar culture as purely as here. Whether it's gin, whiskey, rum and cocktail tasting or simply enjoying the drink of your choice in a stylish ambience... Your ‘Clash of Cultures’ will end fabulously!

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