From the moon to the tropics and then off to the sea

Day trip

From the moon to the tropics and then off to the sea

380,000 kilometres in one day? No problem. First have a coffee and then go to the moon, to the tropics and in the evening dive deep into the sea – Essen got it all!

Get ready for the nature trip of extremes. In the morning, fortify yourself at Café Bohnenkartell with a sensationally good coffee for the day (you'll need it), and then travel to the moon by bike, bus or train. The barren and moonlike Schurenbachhalde is a real experience. Spoil heaps were created from the collieries' overburden throughout the Ruhr region, and today they are perfect and artistically designed vantage points. In the shadow of the almost 15-metre-high slab, you have an incredible view of Essen and the surrounding towns. Then it's off to one of the largest inner-city parks in Europe, the Grugapark . More than 500 animals await you in the middle of it - the absolute highlight are the colourful flamingos. In the immediate vicinity of the Grugapark, you can end the day on Essen's most beautiful nightlife area, the 'Rü', Rüttenscheider Straße .

In Der Fischerei you dive deep into the oceans of the world, at least from a culinary point of view. We recommend a good glass of wine with top fish specialities. If you want to continue your little trip around the world after the meal, bars, cafés and pubs await you on the 'Rü'!

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