High-tech and entertainment make Essen 1887 a real experience | © Ralf Schultheiß/EMG
High-tech and entertainment make Essen 1887 a real experience | © Ralf Schultheiß/EMG

Experience the city centre in a new way

Experience the city centre in a new way

Visit Essen's city centre and experience a city full of contrasts. Here, high-tech meets history and shopping fun meets sacred treasures.

With the mixed reality city tour "Essen 1887" you will enjoy an absolute world novelty that can only be experienced in Essen. Thanks to the latest technology, Essen's city centre as it looked in 1887 is created before your very eyes. You will see carriages, animals, buildings and people in ancient robes and characters interacting with you - as realistically as if they were standing in front of you. And all this without losing sight of the surroundings. There is no other city tour like this in the world. After this extraordinary journey through time, you can return to reality with relaxed shopping rounds in the city. There are around 1,000 shops to choose from, from trendy shoe and fashion stores to flagship stores of major brands and exclusive boutiques. If you prefer to shop inside, simply pay a visit to the Rathaus Galerie or the Limbecker Platz shopping centre . With over 200 shops and a sales area of around 70,000 square metres, the latter is one of the largest inner-city shopping centres in the whole of Germany. Between shopping rounds, you can feast and recharge your batteries in the numerous cafés, bars and restaurants in the city centre. After the shopping highlights, a little culture? Nothing could be easier. In Essen Cathedral and the adjoining cathedral treasury you will experience church treasures of inestimable value, which at the same time will immerse you in the eventful and more than thousand-year-old history of the city of Essen. One highlight is the Golden Madonna. It is the oldest fully sculptural image of the Virgin Mary in the world and one of the most important works of art in the entire Ruhr region.

So what are you waiting for? Come to the city of Essen and discover the heart of one of Germany's most exciting metropolises.

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