Lichtburg Essen

Lichtburg Essen | © Peter Wieler/EMG

The red carpet has been changed quite a few times since Gary Cooper, Buster Keaton or Romy Schneider walked over it. The grand old lady of cinemas has lost none of her charm since opening in 1928. This is why stars such as Pierce Brosnan, Wim Wenders or Joachim Król still show up at the Lichtburg today for film premieres, galas or world premieres.

The legendary cinema is the largest in Germany and seats 1,250. When it was being renovated in the 90s there was a lot of discussion about new uses for the building. Due to its famous backers from the film world, the historically preserved Lichtburg was saved and remains to this day what it has always been: a film diva.


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Lichtburg Essen

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