Essen city centre monument trail

Extracts from the map of the monument trail. Graphic: Amt für Geoinformation, Vermessung und Kataster | © Amt für Geoinformation, Vermessung und Kataster

How did the city develop over the last 1,000 years? And what marks did the age of industrialisation leave?"The answers to these and many other questions can be found along the Monument Trail, developed by the society "Historischer Verein für Stadt und Stift Essen” in cooperation with the city of Essen.

On 35 information panels the fascinating architecture and history of both the city’s many lost and still standing buildings are brought to life. Guided tours along the Monument Trail can be booked at the EMG tourism centre. Recommended for those wanting to proceed on their own initiative on an exciting voyage of discovery into the past and present of Essen, is the official City Map with the special editions of "Expeditions into Culture and History” and "Pearls of the Ruhr”, published by the City of Essen in cooperation with the Historical Association and the Civic Associations in South Essen.

A total of 14 expeditions lead to many places, including the tranquil cloisters of Essen Cathedral, the Krupp Quarter, the Old Town of Kettwig and the magnificent Lake Baldeney. These publications are available from summer from book shops, the EMG Tourist Office and municipal sales outlets.

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Essen city centre monument trail

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