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Stoppenberg Collegiate Church of Maria in der Not

Romanesque three-nave pillar basilica dating from 1073 and home to the discalced Carmelites. Above the church of St. Nicholas is the collegiate church of Maria in der Not. Since 1965, the place of worship has served as a church for the discalced Carmelite order of nuns of ‘Maria in der Not’ who are based there. The sisters of the order are dedicated to a strictly cloistered existence. The collegiate church in Stoppenberg was founded in 1073 by the Essen abbess Schwanhilde and consecrated as the St. Nicholas Chapel in 1074.

In the 12th century, Premonstratensians founded a double monastery, which was later used as a nunnery only. The Romanesque three-nave pillar basilica made of Ruhr sandstone is essentially as it was following conversion in 1241. The baptismal font from the 12th century is particularly worth seeing.

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Stoppenberg Collegiate Church of Maria in der Not
Kapitelberg 1
45141 Essen

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