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© Diana Blinkert/EMG
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Data protection

Communication with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ only after approval

In order to be able to offer you a comprehensive service as a visitor to www.visitessen.de, we have set up the possibility for you to be able to share content that you like directly in the common social networks. With such buttons, however, it is usually the case that they already send information to the corresponding platforms when the page is loaded - even if you as a visitor do not want to use this service at all.

To prevent this, we decided on a "two-click" solution: While loading the page, the buttons are visible to you, but disabled: there is no communication with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter instead. Only when you decide to share a content, activate the button with a mouse click and then click a second time to trigger the partial process. If you want to share content regularly, you also have the option to activate the buttons permanently. Simply use the function hidden behind the "gear" button.

If you have any questions about data protection, please contact the Data Protection Officer of EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH. Contact: E-Mail: datenschutz@emg.essen.de, Phone +49 201 8811006

For more information, please refer to the privacy policy of EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH

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