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Aalto-Theater (Aalto Opera House)

Brilliant - is the best way to describe the Aalto opera house which constantly tops the critics’ opinion polls. When it opened in 1988, it was only said to be "the most beautiful German theatre construction" that had been built since 1945. Today it belongs to the list of THE best theatres in Germany. This synthesis of the arts was constructed by the famous Finnish architect Alvar Aalto,

whose modern, curved architectural design stimulates the imagination. The main hall is uncomplicated but elegant and seats 1,125 spectators. Opera singers of renown throughout the world appear to be performing in a frame of sky-blue and light wood. The Essen Philharmonic orchestra as well as the Aalto Ballet Theatre are certainly equal to the vocalists and are always ranked at the very top.

address and contact

Aalto-Theater (Aalto Opera House)
Opernplatz 10
45127 Essen
Telefon: +49 201 8122-200
Fax: +49 201 8122-201

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