Art on Moltkeplatz

Art on Moltkeplatz (Friedrich Gräsel, 1927-2013) | © Kunst am Moltkeplatz e.V. KaM

The KaM Association looks after the collection of sculptures on Moltkeplatz in the south-east district of Essen, which comprises eight contemporary works by the artists Heinz Breloh, Christa Feuerberg, Hannes Forster, Gloria Friedmann, Lutz Fritsch, Friedrich Gräsel, Ansgar Nierhoff and Ulrich Rückriem. The collection has been put together since 1981 on the initiative of the Essen-based gallery-owner Jochen Krüper († 2002).

The KaM Association, founded by residents of the Moltke district in 2006, has taken over responsibility for maintaining, developing and providing information about Moltkeplatz as a site for art under a series of partnership agreements and it organises events in this context.

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Art on Moltkeplatz

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