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#8 Angels of Freedom | Light Installation

Merav Eitan & Gaston Zahr, Israel, Germany

Angels of freedom, rarely have they been more important than in today's world. Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr's artistic approach is to create works of light art that speak directly to people and (re)introduce them to a vision, a wish or a dream that is in each of us. The sculptural appearance is impressive and appears mythical. The message is clear and unmistakable and at the same time very current.

For this reason, the large luminous angels are back this year after their Essen Light Festival premiere in 2017 and shine in front of both the cathedral and the Marktkirche.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Essen Cathedral and Marktkirche

LICHT&SEGEN | Candle Installation

An ecumenical offer by the city pastoral ministry at Essen Cathedral and the Protestant city church work.

An ancient sign: Lighting lights to make the world brighter. Hearing blessings and passing them on. With their new edition of LICHT&SEGEN, both churches invite you to experience a moment of spirituality and contemplation in the middle of the festival. Seas of lights in the cathedral and the Marktkirche will shine throughout the evening. Everyone contributes with their candlelight: That our world becomes brighter again. Chaplains from both confessions will be on hand to offer blessings on the way into the night.

Location: Essen Cathedral and Marktkirche

Angel of Freedom | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info

Merav Eitan

Merav Eitan, born in Jerusalem in 1974, studied architecture at the Bezalel Academy for Design and Art in Jerusalem. After years of working in internationally well-known offices, she opened her own studio in 2007 together with Gaston Zahr, the OGE Design Group, which deals with light art, architecture and design in a multidisciplinary way. Since then, Merav has participated in over 47 international light festivals around the world, either as an artist or as a jury member. She is also the artistic director of the Jerusalem Light Festival and many other initiatives and projects.

Gaston Zahr

Gaston Zahr, born in Cottbus in 1975, studied architecture and worked in internationally recognised offices in the Netherlands and Hungary before moving to Israel in 2001. Together with Merav Eitan, he runs the OGE Design Group, which mainly deals with interactions in public space, art, media and perception. Together with Merav, he has been shaping light art, which they both refer to briefly as "social light art" - light art that is not abstract, but related to people, that produces inner values, that impresses, inspires and influences, and that focuses on social contacts.

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