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#9 MAPP | Interactive Video Mapping

AlexP, Netherlands

In this light installation by the Dutch artist duo AlexP, you yourself become part of the artwork and the surroundings. A camera records you and the background and creates an abstract and colourful image from it in seconds, which is projected onto the Marktkirche. This constantly creates new images that are reminiscent of classic graffiti works. In general, AlexP love the happening, the performance and the interaction with the people on site. Their artistic approach stems from the "guerrilla projection" or "urban mapping" scene: they appear spontaneously with simple improvised, self-built tools and technology (usually there is a laptop and beamer in an old pram) and change the place and surroundings as a spontaneous intervention, temporarily claiming the public space for themselves and the people they meet.

With this interactive video mapping, the artist couple has already been able to captivate numerous young and old visitors in Europe and North America. MAPP stands for "Mapping at private properties".

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Marktkirche

MAPP | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info


The artist collective AlexP consists of Alex Prooper and Simone van Dam, whose studio is located in Uithoorn, Netherlands.

Alex Prooper is a trained physicist who ended up in the software industry over 35 years ago. There he began to focus more and more on art, developing his own software. He has now been working as a full-time artist for over ten years.

Simone van Dam studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Amsterdam and has been working with Alex for fifteen years.

AlexP's artworks are always based on innovative technology, but often follow simple laws of physics and nature. The two have great fun surprising and sometimes confusing viewers with their light art and seeing how they interact with their installations. AlexP show their work at festivals, art exhibitions, galleries and museums. In recent years, their artworks have been shown at Light City Baltimore (USA), City of Light, Jyvaskyla (FIN), and in the Netherlands at Luna, the Amsterdam Light Festival, the Amsterdam Dance Event and the Kröller-Müller Museum. | | @AlexP_insta |

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