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#11 facelessmen | Light Installation

Radu Ignat, Romania

Without the light that highlights the special characteristics of each one of us, we would be faceless. Without light, we would not be recognisable and identifiable in the first place. It is light that gives us our visual identity or, in the case of darkness, takes it away. For it is only through the refraction of light on our skin, the shapes of which are different for everyone, that we and our external uniqueness become visible. The Romanian artist Radu Ignat illustrates this with his installation "facelessmen". He uses a video projector to project various animations onto a three-metre-high, impressive metal mask, which seems to constantly change in shape, colour and material. It seems like a magic of light that keeps bringing new life to the mask. The fascinating, constantly changing appearances on the oversized mask or visage play with the visual expectations of the viewers, who have to face the question "human or not human" and in the process also recognise intermediate beings. Especially in times of AI, the digitalisation of all our spheres of life, the question of the conventional classification "human or not" can currently only be answered ambivalently. The work Facelessmen reflects this development and takes it up artistically and quite critically by throwing this question back at us.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Kopstadtplatz

Facelessmen | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info

Radu Ignat

Radu Ignat has been creating his own video mappings for ten years. With them, he regularly participates in various competitions and project festivals around the world. Radu has also been sculpting (metal sculpting) for 25 years, has been working with 3D graphics for around 20 years and has worked for various companies and 3D projects in this regard. The Romanian artist has had a medieval performance formation for over 20 years and is a member of UAP Romania.

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