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#1 Nucleus Analogue Lightpaint | Projection

Fényszórók Visual, Hungary

A classic medium of light art meets a classic opera house and also one of the most beautiful buildings in Essen: at the Essen Light Festival, ten overhead projectors throw brightly coloured light art onto the facade of the Aalto Music Theatre. And it's live and completely analogue! You can look over the shoulders of the Hungarian artists between the Aalto and the Philharmonie as they create imaginative motifs and artistic ideas using various techniques directly on site and project them onto the fascinating architecture of the Aalto Theatre. Organic forms and colours meet the award-winning architecture of the famous Alvar Aalto, an architect and artist whose design language was almost exclusively based on organic forms and their principles.

For the Essen Light Festival, the use of this simple overhead projection technique, which dates back to 1927, is a premiere. The same applies to the constantly changing live painting of the artists' collective.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Aalto Theatre

Nucleus Analogue Lightpaint | © Diana Blinkert/EMG

Artist info

Fényszórók Visual

The team of the artist collective Fényszórók Visual has been working with the various forms of light painting and its techniques in their "performances" for 14 years. Although many forms and colours are prepared in advance, the concrete visualisations such as fade-ins and fade-outs, but also the shaping of figurative elements happen live like in a performance and thus uniquely at one place and at one time. This gives them a special quality and is rarely found in this form in light art.

With the help of analogue overhead projectors that they have developed or modified themselves, they let their surroundings glow in colour. Sometimes powerfully reinforcing the existing architecture, sometimes naively playful and sometimes caricaturing. The automatically operated projection machines make it possible to generate repetitive moving motifs. These can be, for example, gyroscopic, flowing or wave effects, which give the visualisation a strong kinetic, almost a little nostalgic effect.

The works of Fényszórók Visual have so far been shown at various light festivals in Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Finland, France and in their home country Hungary.

For the Fényszórók Visual team, light art means using the number of unlimited possibilities in such a way that any, different surfaces can be transformed with the help of light. The peculiarities of individual local details are choreographed in motion with the help of light and colour, transporting the viewer into a new atmosphere. An atmosphere that is transient and fleeting, but unique to each moment and to each viewer.

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