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#4 Marbles | Light Installation

Gertjan Adema, Netherlands

The physical laws of buoyancy and gravity are the subject of the huge kinetic work "Marbles". A matter-of-fact but spectacularly illuminated, slowly rotating marble run with a total length of 60 m and a height of 3.5 m, which itself looks like a marble, fascinates with its perfectly coordinated rhythmic interplay of form, movement, light and sound. In the installation by Dutchman Gertjan Adema, a spindle carries an illuminated marble upwards inside the track so that it subsequently rolls back down the spiral-shaped outer wall of the marble run. The playful, simple but nevertheless impressive visual impression is supported and yet counteracted by partly gloomy, partly rather cold sounds, creating a highly concentrated mood. A contemplative immersive work by the Dutch installation artist that casts a spell over you and doesn't want to let go.

This work was made possible by the municipality of Zwolle, with the help of the “Zwolle Culture and Quality Committee”

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Freiheit

Marbles | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info

Gertjan Adema

Gertjan Adema has been working as a light artist since 2018 and has presented his work at numerous summer festivals as well as in schools. For his kinetic installations, he uses toys to create a meditative and playful atmosphere. Repetition in geometry and its gradual alienation also play a major role, like the alteration of an aggregate state. It is no coincidence that some of his works have a strong affinity with dance and choreography or are collaborations with these disciplines.

The trained mechanical engineer appreciates light art as a medium that allows people to work with art in an accessible and open way. And this with the aim that people of all ages and backgrounds and regardless of previous theoretical knowledge can emotionally grasp and enjoy light art installations during the tours.

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