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#12 I caught a... | Light Installation

Stephane Masson, France

Real or surreal fiction? "I caught a...." plays with and confuses our visual and recognition abilities in a very entertaining way. When it gets dark, animals and objects appear in an oversized birdcage as if by magic, which do not seem to belong there. Or have you ever seen an elephant or a cloud in a birdcage? Stephane Masson's visualisations or better interventions are so absurd in urban space -and at the same time very poetic- that you simply have to deal with them.

With this installation, the French light artist brings a world premiere to Essen. What looks like holography is not holography at all: he projects 2D motifs onto very thin tulle that hangs inside the three-metre-high cage. The Toulouse video and light artist is an old acquaintance of the Essen Light Festival. He has already been a guest with the "Aquarium Car" and the "Supercube". With his projects, which Masson himself describes as "poetic attacks", he wants to bring magic and irrationality into our rational, profane everyday life. And he will certainly succeed.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Rottstraße / corner Kreuzeskirchstraße

I caught a... | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info

Stephane Masson

Since 2004, the Toulouse video and light artist Stéphane Masson has been bringing a little magic and madness into people's dreary everyday lives with his art in public spaces. He was inspired by the idiosyncratic works of the street art group "Royal de Luxe" and Pierrick Sorin, among others. Before becoming a light artist, the inventive autodidact worked as a master lighting technician in the theatre. With his projects, which Masson himself describes as "poetic attacks", he has already been a guest at/on, among others: Fête des lumières de Lyon, Singapour Art Muséum, Staro Riga, Festival Lausanne Lumières, Les Lanternes de Zigong, Llum Barcelone, Durham, Dubai.

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