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#2 Tree of Wishes | Light Installation

Richard Röhrhoff, Essen

Music: Olaf Oebels, Aalto Musiktheater

By popular demand of the audience: He is back, the popular "Tree of Wishes"!!! A tree that can speak, a tree that can sing, a tree that can sparkle - and that invites you to click on it to make your wish and communicate with it. And this is how it works: Go to the website . There you will find a link to the web app with which you can click on your wish to the tree. New this year is the wish "Love". Because there is nothing we need more in these complex times than love ...and light!

By the way, the Tree of Wishes is also representative of the 3.3 million trees that grow and thrive in Essen and that enhance the urban environment and improve the climate.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Aalto Theatre

Supported by:

Wish tree | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info

Richard Röhrhoff

Richard Röhrhoff already worked a lot with light in his youth as a party organiser and was fascinated by its power. In 2013, he founded the light art festival "Festungsleuchten" at the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz, took over the artistic direction in 2014 and from then on worked there himself creatively as a light artist but also as a curator. In 2014, 2016 and 2018, he also worked for the Rhine Light in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site and staged the newly opened Loreley Park with a spectacular light show. In 2017, he carried out the Parkleuchten at Schloss Dyck in the district of Neuss with a highly acclaimed light staging of the large park lawn. In 2017, he presented the "Tree of Wishes" for the first time, an interactive light production, which was subsequently shown at several festivals in Germany, Italy, Finland and the Netherlands. In 2016, he founded the Essen Light Festival, which has become one of the ten largest light art festivals in Europe. Since 2018, he has been the managing director of EMG - Essen Marketing GmbH.

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