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#3 Ukir | 3D Video Mapping

Grasshopper & Super Bonfire by Quintons Concept, Malaysia, China, Germany

This is where tradition meets digital modernity. The artist collective Grasshopper & Super Bonfire went in search of cultural traces in Malaysia and came back with a variety of traditional motifs from woodcarving and painting, mostly from the plant world. In his current work, Grasshopper deliberately focuses on the floral, organic-looking and sculpturally mobile motifs in contrast to the other artificial geometric-symmetrical and often axial forms of the video and facade mapping predominant in the western world. "Organic projection mapping" - Ukir was created under this guiding principle. For the Essen Light Festival, a modern, spectacular, music-synchronous 3D video mapping work was created. A contemporary interpretation of a classical floral canon of form and colour, developed at the highest technical level.

Playing time: from dusk till 10 pm

Location: Opernplatz

Supported by:

Ukir | © Mike Henning / EMG

Artist info


Behind "Grasshopper" is the Malaysian multimedia artist Abdul Shakir, who was inspired for the present work during a residency in Rimbun Dahan, a centre for art in Malaysia, from May to June 2002. He has worked with major production agencies on various design and art projects. He has also participated in several regional and international contemporary exhibitions as a "Grasshopper". For instance, his works have already been shown in Digital Art Gallery, Graphika Manila 2021, Bangkok Projection Mapping Competition 2021 and CosmoLights Projection Mapping.


Super Bonfire

The agency Super Bonfire, or SBF for short, specialises in the creation of creative digital content, covering all stages from pure consulting to production. With a wealth of industry experience, they are also the perfect partners for high-budget content productions.


For more than 20 years, the Düsseldorf agency QUINTONS CONCEPT has been a solution-oriented partner for agencies and clients who want to highlight their brand, their product, people, spaces or a message. Thanks to its extensive network and expertise, QUINTONS CONCEPT is able to facilitate international high-quality productions live, hybrid and digital.

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